Pet Hip And Elbow Scoring

We assess joint health in pets to ensure their well-being and identify potential issues early.

Pet Hip And Elbow Scoring

We Offer Hip and Elbow Scoring

Hip and Elbow Scoring are schemes that require collaboration amongst veterinarians, breed clubs, dog owners, and other stakeholders to be effective in reducing the prevalence of hip dysplasia in dogs.

Hip dysplasia is a common orthopaedic condition in dogs, particularly in larger breeds. It is a hereditary and developmental disorder in which the hip joint doesn’t form properly, leading to joint instability and the gradual deterioration of the joint. This condition can cause pain, lameness, stiffness after rest, reluctance to exercise, and reduced overall quality of life for affected dogs.

The Benefits of Our Pet Hip and Elbow Scoring Service:

  • Screening and Evaluation: The scheme would likely establish guidelines and protocols for screening and evaluating dogs for hip dysplasia. This may involve the use of diagnostic tools like X-rays to assess the condition of the hip joints.
  • Breed-Specific Recommendations: Given that some breeds are more predisposed to hip dysplasia than others, the scheme might offer specific recommendations for breeders and owners of at-risk breeds. This could include breeding guidelines and advice on selecting breeding pairs to lessen the risk of hip dysplasia in offspring.
  • Data Collection and Registry: To monitor the prevalence and trends of hip dysplasia, a central database or registry might be established to track affected dogs and their pedigrees. This data could be used for research and to inform breeding practises.
  • Treatment and Rehabilitation: The scheme may provide resources and information on treatment options for dogs diagnosed with hip dysplasia, including surgical and non-surgical interventions. Rehabilitation and physiotherapy might also be emphasised.

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