Welcome to the Anglesey Pet Clinic! is the friendly and caring dedicated small animal veterinary practice on your doorstep. We are fully equipped with all modern operating, dental, laboratory, hospitalisation, ultrasound, X-ray, and endoscope facilities.

As a sign of our commitment to the community, we run a weekly clinic for pet owners on eligible benefits on behalf of the Ynys Mon RSPCA.

waiting room In our spacious waiting area, you will find a select choice of pet care products and high quality lifestyle or prescription diets on view. Other products, such as flea and worm control products, shampoos and over-the counter medicines can be purchased from reception. If we do not currently stock a particular product, we are always happy to order it for you. Please ask our helpful reception staff for further information.

consulting room We have two consulting rooms which are used for vet consultations, post-surgical checks, and nurse clinics. To make an appointment, please contact the practice.

kennels When your animal undergoes surgery, it will stay in our spacious kennels until it is fit enough to be handed back into your care. We have two walk-in kennels for large breeds (Great Danes etc.) that guarantee that even the largest dogs are housed in comfortable surroundings.

Our two operating theatres have all the necessary surgical and diagnostic equipment, including a dental machine, X-ray, and ECG. We are the only small animal practice on Anglesey that uses a video endoscope and video broncoscope for non-invasive diagnosis without the need for surgery. Our in-house laboratory provides blood results for speedy diagnosis and treatment and our ultrasound machine allows us to visualize internal organs and diagnose more easily some common illnesses. As with humans, it is also our main tool to determine whether your pet may be pregnant.